PBS/ALL ARTS & LMCC River To River Festival


 The film finds a new perspective on experiencing New York City. Edited at a quiet pace, it asks the viewer to reconsider the shapes and sounds that inhabit the city. 

Through vignettes of performance set within the city landscape, we consider Lower Manhattan as a backdrop for art, culture and reflection rather than finance, business and tourism. Lili Chopra shares her personal experiences and challenges balancing the adrenaline of the city and her own need for stillness. Through the imagery of the city and the work of River To River 2019 artists, the film offers the viewer the feeling of the festival through experimentation rather than a documentation of the event. 

The film does not utilize talking head interviews or live performance documentation, rather it immerses the viewer to reflect and connect. 

abt River to River Festival

ANGELSTAIN (in development)


A personal hybrid film where a performative experiment questions 

if the birthmark is an angel’s kiss or a sign of bad luck. 

An Asian-American director with a prominent facial birthmark is challenged by candid conversations during a performative experiment that questions her perception of identity, adoption/race and luck. The diverse characters with identical birthmarks examine how it has been an instrument in how they experience the world.


12 TURTLES (in production)


Bob and Joan Sargent raised 12 kids, eight of whom they adopted. Now the children are grown up and the parents struggle to help those with special needs and mental illness. Filmmaker Liz Sargent wonders who will care for her parents as they get older and who will inherit the responsibility for the siblings who cannot care for themselves. The Sargent family navigates the hard truths of aging, disability, adoption and an evolving definition of family.

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